Freeway Auto Insurance

Driving without the necessary insurance coverage in the United States will almost certainly lead to a ticket and a severe fine, so it’s important for every driver to be insured. While insurance is a personal choice and every motorist’s needs are different, it would be wise for a driver to look into Freeway Insurance at the beginning (or end) of their insurance search.

Freeway Insurance has all the coverage an average driver needs without expensive add-ons that some other insurance companies include. Freeway Insurance provides low cost, high-quality auto insurance as a specialty. They have been doing business for more than 20 years and are one of the largest privately-owned insurance agencies in the country. As an independent agency, they try to find the best rate to fit an individual’s needs by reviewing more than 20 different insurance company estimates. Even drivers who might ordinarily have trouble getting insurance due to tickets, accidents or DUI’s can get insured and find competitive rates with Freeway in most cases.

Freeway Insurance has over 75 convenient locations with customers in Arizona, California, Texas, New Jersey and Nevada. They are licensed by the California Department of Insurance. There are a number of discounts available from Freeway Insurance, including multi-policy, multi-car, good driver, student discounts and many more. The licensed professional agents of Freeway Insurance focus on providing each client with personalized service.
Freeway Insurance can provide free quotes online or over the phone to those who prefer not to come to a local branch office (or for those who don’t live near one). Their website even has an option to chat with a representative if there are any questions. For most efficient service, it is a good idea to have personal information and current or previous auto insurance policy information on hand.

While choosing an auto insurance company can be confusing, especially with all the high-profile companies bombarding consumers with ads all the time, sometimes it’s best to look at the basics. Is the company well-established? Can they get me the best deal? Can they insure someone with my driving history? Are they going to treat me as a valued customer before and after I sign on the dotted line? These are the questions someone should ask themselves about a company when they go to buy insurance and for Freeway Insurance; the answer is going to be yes.

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